Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

ABOUT Caffeine and Octane

Caffeine and Octane is a nationally recognized all makes, all models car show that regularly attracts over 2000 vehicles and 15,000 fans. The event is held (rain or shine) the first Sunday morning of each month from 9 AM - 12 PM at Town Center at Cobb, located on the Northwest side of Atlanta in Kennesaw GA. The Caffeine and Octane faithful get up very early to watch the parade of cars that begin arriving well before sunrise.  C&O is free to exhibit and free for spectators.  All show spaces are first come first serve.  No pre-registration is required for parking.  Arrive early for the best spots.

Caffeine and Octane is an all makes and models show.  We feature cars that defy known automotive niches. If it has wheels and a motor, you'll find it at Caffeine and Octane! One thing we guarantee is you'll always see something new at every show. 

The Caffeine and Octane TV Show is filmed live at the Caffeine and Octane Car Shows.  Season Two of our top-rated Caffeine & Octane TV Show premiered on the NBC Sports Network in October of 2017.  Season 7 airs on MotorTrend TV in Spring 2022.  Our show contains no fake drama or deadlines.  It is a show that celebrates real automotive enthusiasts and their passion for cars.  

The C&O  Car Show attracts car enthusiasts and vehicles from all over the USA. The C&O  Car Show is a family-friendly event and is free to attend from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm monthly, 400 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Is there any fee to show my vehicle?

No, there is no fee to display your vehicle at Caffeine & Octane.

Is there any fee for attending as a spectator?

No, there is no fee to attend Caffeine & Octane as a spectator.

Where can I purchase official Caffeine & Octane merchandise?

We always appreciate you buying a T-shirt or other high quality merchandise while at the event or from your home at our online store.

How can I become a sponsor?

Caffeine & Octane offers a variety of sponsorship levels and encourages anyone with an automotive related product or service who would like to be a part of the event to contact us at 

Can I put a “For Sale” sign in my car at the show?

Individuals may place up to an 8 inch x 10 inch “For Sale” sign in the window of their vehicle while at the show, but dealer taged or dealer owned cars are not permitted to display, unless they are sponsors of Caffeine & Octane.

When is the show held?

Caffeine & Octane is held the first Sunday of each month, from 9 am to 12 pm. Rain or Shine. In cases of extreme weather where a postponement may be possible, please check our Facebook Page for the most current updates.

What time do I need to be there if I’m showing my car/truck?

If you’re displaying your vehicle, and you hope to be in the Central Lot, we suggest that you arrive by 8 am, at the latest. This is when the gates will open for the Central Lot allowing one hour of move in time before the show officially opens to the public. The demand for space in this area is high and we are selective in allowing cars into the Central Lot to assure the best variety of cars on display. The Central lot is often is full by 8:30 am on days when the weather is nice. There are hundreds of spaces in the adjacent Exhibit Lots available to groups/car clubs and other vehicles not able to secure a spot in the Central Lot.

Can I bring a trailer?

Designated trailer parking is located on the other side of the mall closest to Macy's.  Please look for signage for Trailer Parking.  We suggest unloading your car in trailer parking and driving it over, if possible. If you need to drive the trailer into the Central Lot, please arrive before 7:30 AM. As long as your trailer is out of the parking lot by noon, there will be no issue with your parking.

Can I arrive earlier than 7:30 am if I want to?

Yes, but please keep keep excessive noise down during the early morning hours. There are residences in close proximity, as well as hotel properties, so we need to be mindful of the neighbors.

If I am arriving as part of a group of cars meeting at C&O, will we be able to all enter and park together?

The goal for the Central Lot is to have a display offering the widest possible selection of different years, makes and models. To do that we have to limit the number of similar cars grouped together to 4 of the same make, model and decade.  Larger groups are very welcome but encouraged to park in the Exhibit Lots adjacent to the Central Lot or in any of the other 1500 spaces available on the east side of Perimeter Mall.

How do I register?

Currently, Caffeine & Octane does not require any formal registration for the show. We do encourage people who show their vehicles, as well as spectators, to sign up for our newsletters, as it is the best way to get up to date information on the shows, as well as to receive special offers and exclusive content on our media channels.

To subscribe to our email list, simply click the newsletter link toward the bottom of the page.

What’s the difference between the Central Lot and the Exhibit Lots?

The Central Lot is the main lot of the show, and it houses our sponsors, the featured vehicle areas and the official Caffeine & Octane Merchandise Trailer. Access is moderated, based on a variety of factors. We try to get a varied representation of the different genres that exist: classics, muscle cars, modern performance cars, imports, exotics, and very rare vehicles. It is not a science so we appreciate your cooperation in helping us offer the best variety of vehicles possible in the Central Lot.  Because space is limited, we discourage clubs (in groups of more than 4 cars) from gathering in the Central Lot. Groups/Car Clubs are welcome to park in Exhibit Lot 1 or 2 or any other spaces surrounding the mall. 

**Once the Central Lot is full, the gates are closed and vehicles must remain in their spaces until the show concludes at 12 am.  There is a strict NO EXITS PRIOR TO 12 AM rule in the Central Lot.  This is for pedestrian safety and is enforced by C&O staff and the Dunwoody Police Department.

Exhibit Lots are directly adjacent to the Central Lot. This is the desired area for most car clubs both large and small. This lot is a first-come, first-served area in terms of space.  Please arrive together, as reserving multiple spaces for a single group is not allowed.

Movement is not restricted in Exhibit Lots, so any cars which can only attend for a portion of the show hours (9-12) are welcome to park in this area.  *Absolutely NO CRUISING the Exhibit Lots.  If these lots are full too, please park in spectator parking.

The Exotics Lot is also first come first serve, do not have restricted movement, and opens at 7:30 am.

If I park in the Central Lot, can I leave or move my car to a different location before the end of the show?

No!  Once parked in the Central Lot, please leave your vehicle in place until the show concludes at 12 am.  The Central Lot has a strict NO EXITS PRIOR TO 12 am rule. This rule is for pedestrian safety. There are large crowds including families with small children and dogs that are enjoying the show.

Show attendees gather around show vehicles to take pictures, talk with car owners and generally enjoy the sights and sounds. Having vehicles moving in and out of the Central Lot during the show is a safety hazard and makes it less enjoyable for those wanting to easily and safely wander the show.

If it looks like rain, is the show going to be cancelled?

No. Caffeine & Octane is held rain or shine. We will make a decision to call the show off if there is an immediate threat of dangerous weather (lightning, snow or ice, etc.). We have die-hard fans that will come out even when it’s raining, so we go on! Our Facebook page is the best way to get the most current information.

Are there any rules I should be aware of?

Our goal is to have a great show that is fun and safe for everyone to attend. Strictly Enforced: No burnouts…no speeding.... no two-stepping. The Kennesaw PD is always on-hand to help us maintain safety and security. If you do a burnout, speed, or drive in a reckless fashion, you will be banned from the show and may face criminal penalties if local laws or ordinances are violated.

Remember…there are often thousands of people wandering the show, during the course of the morning including adults, children and pets. We take safety very seriously. Please refrain from excessive engine revving.  And in the Central Lot there is a strict NO EXITS PRIOR TO 12 AM rule for pedestrian safety.

We know that many cars have the ability to make a lot of noise.  However, we are guests in the neighborhood, it’s early so we must be respectful of our neighbors. Do not move cones or other markers that you find in parking spaces or other areas.

If you move these markers to park your vehicle in a reserved space, you will be asked to move your vehicle immediately. Vehicles parked in restricted/prohibited areas will be towed.  No Parking in handicap spaces within the Exhibit Lots!

Will I have a great time?

If you are as passionate about cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other amazing vehicles as we are, it will be very difficult for you to have a bad time. Caffeine & Octane has grown to be the largest monthly gathering of Car Enthusiasts and Fans in the country. This is due to the the very generous group of loyal supporters of the show who share their amazing vehicles with us each month.

Many of them have been coming to C&O since its inception in 2006. We appreciate their support and the passion they have for all things automotive.